Curvy Beauty +

Curvy Beauty +


Choose from classic, fantasy and sexy party costumes!

Stockings can be a very sexy part of your lingerie outfit.

They are soft to the touch and add savor to your look.


Accentuate your body!

Garter Sets and Garter...
Get your garter on! Shop the sexiest garter sets and garter slips at Melia Concepts Online Lingerie Boutique!
Welcome to our babydoll collection. Babydolls are a classic style of lingerie. They come in many different styles and fabrics, but typically consist of a beautiful flowing top and a matching pair of panties! They range from sophisticated and classy, to naughty and erotic!
Corsets & Bustiers
Welcome to our Corset & Bustier Collection! Here you will find many different styles of sexy, slimming corsets & bustiers! We carry everything from sexy Underbust corsets to stunning Renaissance and Asian inspired corsets! Our extensive collection of Fashion Corsets & Bustiers is sure to contain the perfect corset or bustier for any occasion!
Perfect for warmer nights our plus size chemise night dresses have straps instead of sleeves. View our elegante collection of sexy chemises.
Collection Fetish Fantasy
When the partners wear fantasy costumes as a sexual fetish they also embrace the different personalities instead of their own.
Bridal Collection
Congratulation! If you're here, you most likely have an upcoming wedding or anniversary! To help you find the perfect outfit, we've handpicked a variety of different lingerie from our collections that we feel are bridal classics! If white isn't your style, be sure to check out the rest of our collection to find what best suits you!
For all women willing to wear, it will bring beauty and elegance to your wardrobe.

Curvy Bride Nightwear

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Curvy Bride Panty

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Curvy Chemise Rhinestone "Bride"

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Curvy Exotic Kimono

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Soft Fabric!

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