A babydoll nightie is a short, soft gown or negligee which sometimes could be sleeveless and many times comes with built-in bra-like cups. It is very sweet looking yet very sexy. It has a soft flowing skirt and is usually made of silk, nylon or a sheer material. A baby-doll fully exposes the woman's legs, and some styles emphasize or deliberately expose the breasts as well.

Babydolls usually come with a matching panties since it is short enough to expose your underwear. This style is perfect for women of all ages. For younger women, it brings out the natural sweetness of youth, and for the successful, made-up woman, it provides a young, sweet look any man or woman will appreciate.


One of the simplest of all lingerie pieces is the chemise, a short gown that falls just above the knees. In the olden days it was also called a shift and was the only article of clothing that was laundered frequently. Very similar to the babydoll however the chemise fits tighter to the body. Its silky material drops naturally around your body, giving you that sexy, refined look.


A teddy is more like a combination of a camisole and panty in one piece. Think of a one-piece bathing suit but sexier and you have a good idea what a teddy is. It is typically made with a silky or sheer type of material. A teddy was once known as a camiknicker a named coined from the combination of camisole and knickers. Some teddy's do come in two pieces so usually it comes with a matching pair of skimpy panties you can wear with it. Common styles of teddies include embroidered, halter, lace, leather, peek-a-boo, sheer, print, and pvc vinyl.

Garters and Garter Belts

Garters were created mainly to hold up your stockings but with the advent of elastic their main purpose of why they are worn today is for fashion or more to the point, to be sexy! The garter belt is a band worn directly on the skin around the waist. The belt has between four and eight straps that dangle to strap onto sexy stockings or thigh-highs. When you purchase a garter belt it usually comes with a thong as a set and can be worn with or without a bra. Since garters and garter belts are not really necessary for function many consider this a very erotic piece.


Bodystockings can transform any woman into a sexy seductress. Buy one now and give your man a night that he never expected.

Garter Slips

Get your garter on!


Tease curves into hourglass figures with our ultra-feminine corsets and basques. Sheer panelling and intricate embroidery tighten, flatten and uplift.

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Includes matching thong!

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